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Tamarac Tidbits - December 2022

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TLA Contacts

​Athletic Committee Organized Sports and Athletic Events Dan Favilla (609) 714-2172

Membership Committee Directory and Membership

Beach Committee Beach, Lifeguards, Projects Lisa Farino (856) 296-3480

​Property Committee Green Space, Parks, Trail Entrances Shawn DePasquale

​Children’s Committee TLA-Sponsored Children’s Events Lindsay Cowperthwait

Social Committee Beach Opening, Beach Closing, Adult Events Kate Boianelli & Alyssa Martin (609) 937-0647 or (609) 605-2111

Civic Committee Zoning, Land Use, Development, Township

​Technology Committee Website, Communications, Data Gavin Potts

​Lakes & Dams Committee Maintenance of Lakes Kevin Sparkman

​Tidbits Editor TLA’s Monthly Newsletter Courtney Pitt


Dave Martin

Vice President

Melissa Bettner


Steve Boianelli


Michael Madorma


Jeremy Pinto


Michael Monte


Christina Vocaturo

BALLFIELD RESERVATIONS Between Heath & Indian Pipe

Mike Stoughton - (609) 636-5568


If tag is unreadable, email for new one

Tom Haug - (609) 953-5644


Chair Needed



Memorial Day through Labor Day

Lindsay Smith


Ages 5 and Under

Abby Latimer

​ - (609) 760-1586


TLA Board Report

Hello TLA Residents:

  • Treasurer’s Report

  • Total of all 3 accounts is $185,172,41.

  • All accounts have been reconciled as of 11/1/22.

  • Any houses with outstanding dues are now in collections.

  • Audit of workman comp. was completed 10/30/22.

  • Budget voting will take place during the December meeting. Members in good standing are asked to come out to vote on the budget. Dues will increase to $400 this year.

  • Lakes & Dams Committee Report (Steve/Kevin)

  • Lake maintenance and notification to resident.

  • Lake lowered behind Indian Pipe Trail.

  • Phragmite invasive plant removal.

  • Proposed budget of $7,500 for spillway dam remodel.

  • Property Committee Report (Mike Monte)

  • Illegal use of south of Fairview greenspace with motor vehicles, hunting, and fire pits on TLA greenspaces. Signs to be posted prohibiting activities and trespassing on TLA property along with social post on TLA Facebook page.

  • Volunteers being requested for removal of graffiti on the bridge near the beach.

  • Landscape contact opened up to contractor to submit bid packages by November 15th.

  • Beach Committee

  • Jeremy Pinto appointed as liaison for the Beach Committee.

  • Civic Committee (Christina)

  • Nothing to report.

  • Children’s Committee (Christina)

  • Breakfast with Santa—Tidbits dates are wrong, corrected dates will be posted to TLA Facebook page and TLA playgroup Facebook page along with emails.

  • Membership Committee (Melissa)

  • Welcome Committee—handoff pending from Kate D. to Jess P.

  • Social Committee (Dave)

  • Resignations after Holiday Party—TLA Board is looking for volunteers for Adult and Children’s Social Committees.

  • Digital Committee (Melissa)

  • Tips and guidelines for TLA members to be posted to TLA website.

  • Athletic Committee (Mike Monte)

  • Turkey Bowl tickets are completely sold out.

  • New Business

  • Budget—procedure and function review

  • A legal matter requiring a signature—lien(s) signed

  • Board Member Appointments:

  • Dave Martin—President

  • Melissa Bettner—Vice President

  • Michael Madorma—Secretary

  • Steve Boianelli—Treasurer

  • Next Board meeting to be held at the Pavilion on 12/13/2023 - 7PM

Thank you.

The TLA Board


A Letter from the TLA President

Dear Tamarac Lakes Members: Tamarac Lakes is a great community in which to live and raise families. We have many amenities including our lakes, beach, tennis and basketball courts, and green space throughout with recreational trails. Your dues are used to protect and improve all of these amenities. The Tamarac Lakes Association relies on an all-volunteer board and committees to oversee TLA property and organize special programs for members. Our primary responsibility is to protect TLA’s property including our lakes, dams, green spaces, and other common areas. During the past year, TLA was sued by a member resident. This household sought to prevent TLA’s access to a designated "drainage easement" (above TLA's underground lake water piping) on their lot. This land easement is occasionally used by only TLA representatives for the service and maintenance of the "sluice box" spillway in Bittern Lake (adjacent to this resident’s property). Inspecting the Bittern Lake sluice box is something that TLA volunteers had done for some 40 years without conflict. After several months of research, mediation, and input from Medford Township’s attorney and engineer, we settled the case and TLA representatives now have full access to the “drainage easement” associated with the sluice box to inspect and repair as needed. [Superior Court of NJ Law Division, Burlington County, Docket No: BUR-L-2014-21] It’s essential that TLA manage the spillways on all lakes and dams for the integrity of the lakes but also for the health and safety of all residents who live around and downstream from the lakes. We are required by the NJ Department of Environmental Protection to inspect our dams regularly; then, as required, make improvements to dams and water control structures to ensure their integrity to avoid any failures. In the current case of Bittern Lake, TLA incurred more than $30,000 in legal expenses and many volunteer hours in order to protect TLA’s property rights. Over the years, there have been a handful of cases in which TLA has had to hire legal counsel and/or go to court to protect TLA’s property. Most of these instances have included residents illegally expanding their properties into TLA’s green space or common areas or illegally altering TLA’s property. The board will continue to work to protect TLA’s property and our collective investment as members. As a TLA member, please be aware of your property boundaries if you are adjacent to TLA green space or common areas and observe the following: - Tamarac residents cannot expand their property boundaries into TLA property or alter their views by cutting trees or other vegetation on TLA property. - Tamarac residents cannot dump yard waste or any other debris on TLA property. - Tamarac residents cannot place fencing, outdoor furniture, tree forts or any other structures on TLA property. - Tamarac lakefront residents cannot disturb the lake bottom and must consult with the TLA board on alterations to or addition of docks. - Tamarac residents can store boats on TLA property only in designated areas and during designated times. We appreciate your