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About Tamarac Lakes

Photo Courtesy of Denise DiPace

Historic, picturesque Medford Township offers many natural attributes.  Rainfall is plentiful, averaging forty-six inches a year.  The growing season lasts about 245 days, with over 190 frost-free days.  Temperatures average 24 degrees in January and 84 degrees in July.​

Nestled among the trees in Medford is a unique forest and Lake Community called Tamarac Lakes.  As much as possible, the natural setting has been left undisturbed.  Our goal is to live in harmony with these beautiful natural surroundings.  Native trees include tamarack fields and pitch pine, cedar, oak, maple, sweet and sour gum, birch, holly, sassafras, wild blueberry, and mountain laurel.  In the summer, ferns grow in profusion.  Much of Tamarac is devoted to permanent green areas, lakes, hiking trails, parks, a baseball/soccer field, basketball courts and tennis court.  There is also a beach with boating, fishing docks and pavilion with picnic tables.

Tamarac Lakes Association, Inc. was formed to administer the jointly owned permanent green acres, lakes, beach, etc.  TLA was incorporated 1973 and has grown to approximately five hundred homes.  Annually, a TLA Board of Directors is elected to provide direction and administer over the areas of water and many acres of green areas.  The green areas and common areas

are the property of Tamarac Lakes Association.  In regards to these green areas and common areas, it is against the law for any one to build, clear, cut, trim, rake, plant, dump materials, change the flow of water or change their appearance in any way.  The various volunteer committees of provide focus on specific areas/activities within Tamarac.  It is their time, effort, and dedication that really make TLA work!  The outcomes of these efforts are many enjoyable activities you and your family are welcome to participate in and enjoy.

Annual dues are assessed to help finance the running of TLA.  Note that 80% of these dues go toward the maintaining of our lakes, beach area, and the permanent green areas.  Over the years, this investment has proven to be a good one.  It has helped to maintain the property values of our homes.  In summary, we extend our warmest welcomes and encourage you to participate in and enjoy our exceptional community.

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