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Tamarac's all-volunteer Board of Directors and committees are essential to the success of community programs and maintenance of Tamarac's lakes and open space. Thousands of volunteer hours are donated each year by trustees and committee members. Tamarac is always looking for residents who can commit time to making Tamarac even better.  If you are interested in volunteering, please email

Board of Directors

President, Melissa Bettner


Vice President, Jeremy Pinto

Secretary, Bruno Berenato


Treasurer, Brian Domboski

Trustee, Christina Vocaturo

Trustee, Jessica Pinto

Trustee, Michael Monte

Beach Committee

The Beach Committee plans new additions to the beach area and provides general maintenance to the beach. The beach is located on Killdeer Lake. White sand has been brought in to enhance our swimming area. There is a roped off area for the younger children, a floating dock for the older children, and a canoe rack and dock for boaters.

Volunteers & Committees

Courtney Pitt issues our monthly newsletter, Tamarac Tidbits.

Our volunteer committees include: Beach; Children's; Civic; Membership, Hospitality & Directory; Athletic; Water; Property; Social.


Committee descriptions are listed below.  To contact a committee, please email

Children's Committee

The Children’s Committee and its events are sponsored by Tamarac Lake Association dues and are operated by volunteers.  The Children’s Committee hosts the following events annually: Easter Egg Hunt, Memorial Day Weekend Bike Parade, Last Day of School Beach Event, Summer Luau, Movies on the Beach, Halloween Pumpkin Carving and Brunch with Santa.

Civic Committee

The purpose of the Civic Committee is to provide the necessary support to TLA residents in all matters of civic nature, which may affect their health and welfare. These include such issues as planning, zoning, township ordinances, development, land use, education, the environment, and use of natural resources. The committee will monitor the activities of government and other government agencies, conduct research and issue reports for the residents.

The Civic Committee will act as a liaison and meet with other Medford developments and their residents. It will also advise the TLA Board of Directors on the stated matters above. Your interest and support are welcome.

Athletic Committee

The Athletic Committee is self-supporting, and is responsible for organized sporting events throughout the year. A few of the various sporting events include: Ladder Golf, Horseshoes, Men's Basketball, Volleyball. Learn More about the Athletic Committee. 


Social Committee


The Social Committee is self-supporting and plans adult social events for the year. This group works very hard throughout the year to organize fun-filled events, some quiet parties and other casual events.

Membership, Hospitality & Directory Committee

This committee is responsible for keeping up with current and new neighbors in Tamarac. The Hospitality Committee greets new neighbors and helps maintain the names and addresses in the directory. A Hospitality Committee member attempts to make a personal visit to every new family who moves into Tamarac to inform them about the Tamarac Lakes Association. Information about new residents is put into the directory. Please see the DIRECTORY UPDATE FORM to alert the Directory Committee of any resident updates or corrections to the directory (see page prior to By-Laws).

Property Committee

The Property Committee maintains all of TLA’s permanent green areas, parks, entrances to trails, as well as provides direction to any new construction or improvements being planned for Tamarac. Each year the Property Committee sponsors a “Clean Up Day” in April. Every TLA member is encouraged to “help keep Tamarac beautiful” throughout the year.

Tamarac Tidbits

Tamarac Tidbits is issued monthly. It is full of current happenings in Tamarac, as well as information from the Board of Directors and committee chairpersons. All TLA residents are encouraged to submit items of interest concerning Tamarac in the newsletter. The deadline for the information is the 15th of each month. The newsletter is distributed to all TLA residents the first week of each month (the newsletter is not published in January).

Our six beautiful and pure lakes are supervised and maintained by the water committee. TLA is fortunate to have some of the cleanest water possible. The Water Committee is responsible for the water quality, monitoring, and management, the managing of fowl, fish, amphibians, mammals, plants, and algae. The committee also handles shoreline and lake surface maintenance, and the controlling of lake levels in addition to maintenance and inspection of sluice boxes, dams and dikes. The Water Committee is also responsible for the registering of all boats and canoes. Learn More about the Water Committee. 

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