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TLA Resident Information

The Board of Directors of Tamarac Lakes Association, Inc. (TLA) is pleased that you have chosen to make your home, or in many cases, continue to live in the Tamarac section of Medford, New Jersey.  Medford, Tamarac, and specifically the Association, have much to offer you and your family.  This website, our directory, and our monthly newsletter, Tamarac Tidbits, will provide you with basic information about Tamarac, TLA, and our friends and neighbors.  Hopefully, this information will spawn familiarity with our community and lead to a better understanding of Tamarac and its exceptional people.

Tamarac Tidbits

Tamarac Tidbits includes monthly TLA information, board reports, services, classified ads, and more.  Issues are mailed but are also distributed electronically.

Beach & Canoe Rules

To help ensure a more enjoyable summer for all the members at our beach, please comply with the beach rules. Review these rules with all the members of your family so that potential misunderstandings can be avoided at the beach.

Community Email

Membership Documents &

Please join our community email list to receive Tidbits and important community announcements. Sign up on the Tidbits Signup Page

Please check out the Documents Page for more information.

Preschool Playgroup

Our preschool playgroup meets bi-monthly throughout the school year.  For information please contact Nini Waring at for more information

Beach Pavilion Reservations

Looking to reserve the beach pavilion for your event?  Pavilion reservations must be made in advance.  Check out the Pavilion Reservation page for more information.


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News & Updates



Check out our News & Updates page for TLA and Township information.


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