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Lakes & Dam Committee

Our six beautiful and pure lakes are supervised and maintained by the Water Committee, whose primary responsibilities are water quality, monitoring, and management.  TLA is fortunate to have some of the cleanest water possible. Our lakes are spring fed headwaters of the southwestern branch of the Rancocas Creek. Consequently, we have no danger from pollution upstream. Bacterial testing is done at the beach during the beach season. A thorough baseline testing is done each year. All of these water tests have exceptionally good results – the best in the area!

The committee also monitors and manages fowl, fish, amphibians, mammals, plants, and algae. The committee handles shoreline and lake surface maintenance such as erosion control and trash removal. They control lake levels in addition to maintenance and inspection of sluice boxes, dams and dikes. The Water Committee is also responsible for the registering of all boats and canoes. This committee also sponsors a Fishing Contest for kids and adults.  
You can contact the water committee through email:
The Water Committee lake maintenance project for 2013 was completed in October.  Jim Dugan of Pond Recovery Services came through and completed a short list of items this year. We had Jim focus his efforts in 3 areas and he completed the work under budget.    
1.     Candlewood Terrace Inlet  
2.     Tallowood Drive behind the tennis courts
3.     Gazebo cove next to Bracken

Work included cleanup of leaves, fallen trees, vegetation, and debris from above sites and, transporting and recycling the material onsite at the ball field recovery area. Jim also planted 100 Pachysandra plants across the street at Candlewood in last year’s coconut fiber erosion control blanket.
Below you can see the before and after pictures of Tallowood Drive behind the tennis courts. 

Photos Courtesy of Warren Werner

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