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Tamarac Tidbits - February 2023

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The Elizabeth Murray Memorial Foundation 1st Annual Golf Outing “The Lizard”

Dear friends of the Elizabeth/Liz/Beth/Lizard Murray Memorial Golf Outing and Guinness and Golf, we hope you are all ready to break out of your winter blues and do something good on the golf course, and for some of you…very bad. As you may have noticed we have changed our name to honor our friend, wife, sister, mother, daughter and just all around beautiful person Elizabeth Murray. This year and going forward we are going to do our best to keep her memory alive, and raise as much money as we can for Metavivor, an organization she loved and cared about.

This year we will be holding our event at Indian Spring Country Club on St. Patrick's Day, March 17th, 2023. This event has been a huge success and has grown leaps and bounds because of the Tamarac Community, Liz’s friends and family, and everyone else who has faithfully shown up in the rain, snow, and on our lucky days… sunshine. Last year we were able to raise $6,000 on the course, and with corporate matching that became an astonishing $12,000 that went right to Metavivor. If you don’t know, all of the money donated to Metavivor goes right to cancer research… 100%

If you are a Tamarac resident who would like to play or buy a sponsorship for this event, contact George Smith at or Eric Brady at This is a random draw event, meaning you will be drafted and placed with a foursome, then handicapped. This has been a great way to make new friends and meet neighbors! Not to mention the coveted bobbleheads.

=On behalf of The Elizabeth Murray Memorial Foundation, Inc., we want to thank you for your continued support.

Trustee’s- Conor Murray, George Smith, Matt Cowperthwait, Eric Brady


TLA Contacts

​Athletic Committee Organized Sports and Athletic Events Dan Favilla (609) 714-2172

Membership Committee Directory and Membership

Beach Committee Beach, Lifeguards, Projects Lisa Farino (856) 296-3480

​Property Committee Green Space, Parks, Trail Entrances Shawn DePasquale

​Children’s Committee TLA-Sponsored Children’s Events Lindsay Cowperthwait

Social Committee Beach Opening, Beach Closing, Adult Events Robyn Jennings & Hope Musumeci

Civic Committee Zoning, Land Use, Development, Township

​Technology Committee Website, Communications, Data Gavin Potts

​Lakes & Dams Committee Maintenance of Lakes Kevin Sparkman

​Tidbits Editor TLA’s Monthly Newsletter Courtney Pitt


Dave Martin

Vice President

Melissa Bettner


Steve Boianelli


Michael Madorma


Jeremy Pinto


Michael Monte


Christina Vocaturo

BALLFIELD RESERVATIONS Between Heath & Indian Pipe

Mike Stoughton - (609) 636-5568


If tag is unreadable, email for new one

Tom Haug - (609) 953-5644


Chair Needed



Memorial Day through Labor Day

Lindsay Smith


Ages 5 and Under

Abby Latimer

​ - (609) 760-1586


TLA Board Report

Hello TLA Residents:

  • 7PM Call to order

    • Commencement of Budget Voting—Budget passed for 2023

  • Treasurer’s Report

    • Total of all 3 accounts is $171,107.89 as of 12/13/2022.

    • Children’s transferred unused funds to Athletic Committee to support TTBIV

    • Outstanding dues continue to be handled by attorney - liens placed on properties

  • Lakes & Dams Report

    • $300,000 estimate for spillway project received - NJDEP requiring TLA to upgrade spillway -no timeline given at this time

    • Lake maintenance completed

  • Property Committee Report

    • Letter sent to Fairview residents on South Side - illegal off road vehicle in green space

    • Reminder to all residents - no use of green space without consent, please report illegal use of green space to Medford Township Police

    • Signs placed in woods regarding no illegal use of green space

    • Outdoor Solutions received contract for TLA land maintenance for 2023

    • Basketball upgrade pricing to be received in January

    • Tennis court expansion not taking place - wetlands prevent expanding - Will get pricing to upgrade current court

    • Graffiti clean up to happen during Spring clean up

  • Children’s Committee

    • Thank you Nini Waring for organizing an amazing Brunch with Santa event!

  • Membership Committee

    • New households visited by new chairperson: Jess Pinto. Thanks for volunteering!

  • Social Committee

    • Need new chairperson after winter party in January.

    • The Board would like to recognize Kate Boianelli and Alyssa Martin for all the work they put in over the past 6 years planning amazing social events

      • Please contact the board if interested in volunteering as Social chair person

  • Digital Committee

    • New website has merch

      • Considering offering TLA merch for members to order 24/7

  • Athletic Committee

    • TTB IV success! Thank you volunteers

    • Need chairperson for TTB V kids game

      • Overwhelming amount of kids game interest

  • New Business

    • 100% General Liability insurance increase

      • 2 brokers shopped - we have best price we can get

      • Neighboring lake communities recommending specific legal council - TLA to consider if/when needed

      • A Next Board meeting to be held at the Pavilion on 1/10/2023 - 7PM

Thank you.

The TLA Board



Tamarac Lakes Association (TLA) is hiring lifeguards for the summer of 2023. In addition to lifeguarding, our lifeguards will help check membership badges, maintain the quality of our beach, and enforce safety rules.

Qualifications required:

  • Current American Red Cross Lifeguard and First Aid Certification with add-on Waterfront Lifeguarding Module (waterfront certification expense will be reimbursed at the end of the beach season).

  • Must feel comfortable interacting with residents, enforcing beach rules, and working independently.

  • Availability during the last three weeks of summer (including Labor Day weekend) is a must.

To be considered for this position or if you have any questions, please email


Reminders & Announcements

​18 Covenger Drive Nino & Christina Stenta 39 Tallowood Drive Lorra Shea and Peter Costa 109 Bracken Road Sarah & Charles Powell

22 Covenger Drive

Shaun & Erica Archer

11 Foxwood Lane

Alex & Jamie Dodd

12 Foxwood Lane

April Chmielinski

95 Tallowood Drive

Michael & Barbara Agnello




In the December issue of the Tidbits, we asked “Where Does the Water Come From in Our Lakes?” Sarah Spellman was the first to respond with the answer “springs,” and as a result is the winner of a Wawa gift card!

Yes, the water that fills our lakes is what people call springwater or groundwater. Quite simply, our community and almost all of south Jersey sits a top a very shallow freshwater aquifer called the Kirkwood Cohansey aquifer. Water that seeps out of the ground as springs in upland areas form wetlands and creeks. This water flows downhill to other larger creeks and eventually rivers. Our lakes were man-made by simply damming up these small creeks. Water also fills the lake from below because as they dug the lakes out some 50 years ago, they were intersecting with the aquifer or groundwater. Yes, rainwater also flows into our lakes, but groundwater probably represents 90 percent of the water in the lakes. All of the lakes in Medford are man made. In fact, there are virtually no naturally formed lakes in southern New Jersey; they are almost all the result of damming small creeks. Tamarac’s lakes are at the headwaters of the southwest branch of Rancocas Creek which flows through Burlington County to the Delaware River.

Learn more about our aquifer at


Babysitter or Youth Services List

  • Is your child interested in being added to the list? Please email their name, date of birth, and phone number.

  • Is your child on the list and no longer wants to be included? Please email.

  • Would you like a copy of the Babysitter or Youth Services List?



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Tidbit Guidelines

Tidbits is published monthly (with the exception of January) and delivered to all TLA Residents electronically.

Tidbits encourages any articles or information which may be of interest to your Tamarac neighbors, as are any suggestions concerning the Tidbits. We’d like to include family news like births, engagements, weddings or other happy news you’d like to share.

With a circulation of more than 500, resident and nonresident business owners may want to consider paid advertising. Please refer to our rate table published monthly below.


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