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Tamarac Tidbits - July 2024

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TLA Contacts

​Athletic Committee Organized Sports and Athletic Events Dan Favilla (609) 714-2172

Membership Committee Directory and Membership

Beach Committee Beach, Lifeguards, Projects Ken & Brooke Oborne

​Property Committee Green Space, Parks, Trail Entrances Shawn DePasquale

​Children’s Committee TLA-Sponsored Children’s Events Lindsay Cowperthwait

Social Committee Beach Opening, Beach Closing, Adult Events Robyn Jennings & Hope Musumeci

Civic Committee Zoning, Land Use, Development, Township

​Technology Committee Website, Communications, Data Gavin Potts

​Lakes & Dams Committee Maintenance of Lakes Kevin Sparkman

​Tidbits Editor TLA’s Monthly Newsletter Courtney Pitt

​Lifeguard Committee


Angela McCann & George Smith


Melissa Bettner

Vice President

Jeremy Pinto


Brian Domboski


Bruno Berenato


Jessica Pinto


Michael Monte


Christina Vocaturo

BALLFIELD RESERVATIONS Between Heath & Indian Pipe

Mike Stoughton - (609) 636-5568


If tag is unreadable, email for new one

Tom Haug - (609) 953-5644


Chair Needed



Memorial Day through Labor Day

Lindsay Smith


Ages 5 and Under

Abby Latimer

​ - (609) 760-1586


TLA Board Report

  • Treasurers Balance report, Balances current as of 6/10/24, Total: 349,967.24, Operating Account:  $120,275.58, Lifeguard:  $28,255.45, Money Market: $201,436.21

  • Properties- gates on the path- table for next meeting after research

  • The field gate on Heath has been completed

  • The bridge completed behind the basketball court 

  • The beach entrance fence on Tallowood is to be addressed

  • A reminder that all residents should be using the signup protocols for fields and other TLA spaces. If you have any questions, please connect with the board.

  • The beach is all set for inspections

  • Looking to hire two more lifeguards 

  • Badge distribution efforts continue

  • For any Volunteer hours, please see the board for an official letter

  • All residents are expected to respect the lifeguards and respect all decisions made by lake personnel. 

  • All residents need to be 16 years old at the lake without an adult

  • Luau is approaching fast, and there will be an increase in the cost of tickets due to rising costs

  • The Beach Opening party was a success. Thank you to Hope Musumeci & Robyn Jennings for planning it and to our grillers and other volunteers!

  • Cornhole date changed- see tidbits for updates!

  • Thank you to the Washlick family for updating our park swings at Bracken and Tallowood!

  • Next board meeting is July 8th, 2024 at the pavilion.  


TLA Sponsored Events


TLA Cornhole Tournament


TLA Annual Basketball Tournament


Tamarac Luau 2024


Tamarac Kindergarten Mixer 2024


Tamarac Beach Pavilion Reservations


Reminders & Announcements

Babysitter or Youth Services List

  • Is your child interested in being added to the list? Please email their name, date of birth, and phone number.

  • Is your child on the list and no longer wants to be included? Please email.

  • Would you like a copy of the Babysitter or Youth Services List?


Sponsors - Support Local Business!


Tidbit Guidelines

Tidbits is published monthly (with the exception of January) and delivered to all TLA Residents electronically.

Tidbits encourages any articles or information which may be of interest to your Tamarac neighbors, as are any suggestions concerning the Tidbits. We’d like to include family news like births, engagements, weddings or other happy news you’d like to share.

With a circulation of more than 500, resident and nonresident business owners may want to consider paid advertising. Please refer to our rate table published monthly below.


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