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Tamarac Tidbits - May 2023

Updated: May 2

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CP Working Newsletter_May23
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Tamarac Beach Opening


TLA Contacts

​Athletic Committee Organized Sports and Athletic Events Dan Favilla (609) 714-2172

Membership Committee Directory and Membership

Beach Committee Beach, Lifeguards, Projects Lisa Farino (856) 296-3480

​Property Committee Green Space, Parks, Trail Entrances Shawn DePasquale

​Children’s Committee TLA-Sponsored Children’s Events Lindsay Cowperthwait

Social Committee Beach Opening, Beach Closing, Adult Events Robyn Jennings & Hope Musumeci

Civic Committee Zoning, Land Use, Development, Township

​Technology Committee Website, Communications, Data Gavin Potts

​Lakes & Dams Committee Maintenance of Lakes Kevin Sparkman

​Tidbits Editor TLA’s Monthly Newsletter Courtney Pitt

​Lifeguard Committee


Angela McCann & George Smith


Dave Martin

Vice President

Melissa Bettner


Steve Boianelli


Michael Madorma


Jeremy Pinto


Michael Monte


Christina Vocaturo

BALLFIELD RESERVATIONS Between Heath & Indian Pipe

Mike Stoughton - (609) 636-5568


If tag is unreadable, email for new one

Tom Haug - (609) 953-5644


Chair Needed



Memorial Day through Labor Day

Lindsay Smith


Ages 5 and Under

Abby Latimer

​ - (609) 760-1586


TLA Board Report

Hello TLA Residents:

  • Treasurer’s Report

  • $328,263.07 in all accounts

  • Thanks to all the members who paid ‘23 dues

  • Late notices/fees mailed to approximately 40 residents

  • Liens have been executed by the court for delinquent properties

  • $30,000 transferred to Lifeguard payroll account

  • Lakes & Dams Report

  • Approved Pipe Repair—awaiting additional repair costs

  • Water treatments—will continue with Solitude to maintain clean lakes

  • Waiting on dock estimate for Bittern Lake dock

  • Property Committee Report

  • Signage added to green space

  • Members encouraged to call police for illegal use of private property not managed by TLA

  • Communication to Fairview Road to not damage green space (i.e.: plantings, tree/plant removal, dirt bike track, et.) will be sent by property community

  • Update on Courts Renovation estimates

  • Repairs will total roughly $75,000

  • Renovations possible start time is Spring 2025

  • Gazebo Repairs

  • Volunteers to repair during clean up day Sunday 4/23/2023

  • Beach Committee Report

  • Guards hired/trained

  • Tags ordered—pick up procedures will be same as last season—details coming

  • Water testing set up to begin in May

  • All safety protocol/insurance regulations addressed for summer 2023 compliance

  • Civic Committee Report

  • Verizon cell tower approval for area near/around Taunton Forge—tower construction to begin

  • Children's Committee Report

  • Luau—looking to book for 2024 now to allow opportunity to schedule rain date—deposit needed

  • Request for info re: Junior Board addressed by Children’s liaison

  • Bike parade scheduled for 5/27

  • Membership Committee Report

  • New member swag to be ordered

  • Social Committee Report

  • Trivia night at the lake to be organized—dates coming

  • Digital Committee Report

  • New procedures developed to assist in quicker turnaround for monthly Tidbits in place

  • Athletic Committee Report

  • Looking to add wiffle ball tournament to official TLA events in 2024

  • The next Board meeting to be held at the TLA Beach Pavilion on 5/8/2023 at 7pm.

Thank you.

The TLA Board


2023 TLA Sponsored Events