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Tamarac Tidbits - May 2023

Updated: May 2, 2023

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Tamarac Beach Opening


TLA Contacts

​Athletic Committee Organized Sports and Athletic Events Dan Favilla (609) 714-2172

Membership Committee Directory and Membership

Beach Committee Beach, Lifeguards, Projects Lisa Farino (856) 296-3480

​Property Committee Green Space, Parks, Trail Entrances Shawn DePasquale

​Children’s Committee TLA-Sponsored Children’s Events Lindsay Cowperthwait

Social Committee Beach Opening, Beach Closing, Adult Events Robyn Jennings & Hope Musumeci

Civic Committee Zoning, Land Use, Development, Township

​Technology Committee Website, Communications, Data Gavin Potts

​Lakes & Dams Committee Maintenance of Lakes Kevin Sparkman

​Tidbits Editor TLA’s Monthly Newsletter Courtney Pitt

​Lifeguard Committee


Angela McCann & George Smith


Dave Martin

Vice President

Melissa Bettner


Steve Boianelli


Michael Madorma


Jeremy Pinto


Michael Monte


Christina Vocaturo

BALLFIELD RESERVATIONS Between Heath & Indian Pipe

Mike Stoughton - (609) 636-5568


If tag is unreadable, email for new one

Tom Haug - (609) 953-5644


Chair Needed



Memorial Day through Labor Day

Lindsay Smith


Ages 5 and Under

Abby Latimer

​ - (609) 760-1586


TLA Board Report

Hello TLA Residents:

  • Treasurer’s Report

    • $328,263.07 in all accounts

    • Thanks to all the members who paid ‘23 dues

      • Late notices/fees mailed to approximately 40 residents

      • Liens have been executed by the court for delinquent properties

      • $30,000 transferred to Lifeguard payroll account

  • Lakes & Dams Report

    • Approved Pipe Repair—awaiting additional repair costs

    • Water treatments—will continue with Solitude to maintain clean lakes

    • Waiting on dock estimate for Bittern Lake dock

  • Property Committee Report

    • Signage added to green space

    • Members encouraged to call police for illegal use of private property not managed by TLA

    • Communication to Fairview Road to not damage green space (i.e.: plantings, tree/plant removal, dirt bike track, et.) will be sent by property community

    • Update on Courts Renovation estimates

      • Repairs will total roughly $75,000

      • Renovations possible start time is Spring 2025

    • Gazebo Repairs

      • Volunteers to repair during clean up day Sunday 4/23/2023

  • Beach Committee Report

    • Guards hired/trained

    • Tags ordered—pick up procedures will be same as last season—details coming

    • Water testing set up to begin in May

    • All safety protocol/insurance regulations addressed for summer 2023 compliance

  • Civic Committee Report

    • Verizon cell tower approval for area near/around Taunton Forge—tower construction to begin

  • Children's Committee Report

    • Luau—looking to book for 2024 now to allow opportunity to schedule rain date—deposit needed

    • Request for info re: Junior Board addressed by Children’s liaison

    • Bike parade scheduled for 5/27

  • Membership Committee Report

    • New member swag to be ordered

  • Social Committee Report

    • Trivia night at the lake to be organized—dates coming

  • Digital Committee Report

    • New procedures developed to assist in quicker turnaround for monthly Tidbits in place

  • Athletic Committee Report

    • Looking to add wiffle ball tournament to official TLA events in 2024

  • The next Board meeting to be held at the TLA Beach Pavilion on 5/8/2023 at 7pm.

Thank you.

The TLA Board


2023 TLA Sponsored Events


News from the Beach Committee


2nd Annual Cornhole Tournament


Memorial Day Weekend Bike Parade


Tamarac Beach Pavilion Reservation Process Overview

The process described below allows TLA to accommodate as many residents as possible while streamlining the reservation process. The selection process is modeled after the lottery type system used in National Parks.

Pavilion Reservation Information:

  • To reserve the beach pavilion, you must be a TLA dues paying member in good standing.

  • For the open summer season, the first day the pavilion can be reserved is the Tuesday after Memorial Day and the last day to reserve the pavilion is the Thursday prior to Labor Day Weekend.

  • The reservation is for the pavilion only and does not give exclusive rights to the beach.

  • No reservations are available on:

    • Memorial Day Weekend (Fri-Mon)

    • ○ July 4th Weekend (Fri-Sun)

    • ○ Labor Day Weekend (Fri-Mon)

    • ○ Any date a TLA event is occurring (check the Tidbits for published event dates)

    • The last day of school for Medford Twp school district

  • Only one reservation will be set per day.

Directions to Reserve the Pavilion:

  1. Read the complete Pavilion Reservation Agreement ○ List up to five dates for your event in priority order. - Only one date per residence will be set through the open season lottery process. ○ If a residence would like additional reservations, they can make a request beginning on May 1st.

  2. Read and complete the Indemnity and Hold Harmless Agreement (legal waiver).

  3. Fill out a check in the amount of $75.00 made payable to TLA for a refundable deposit.

  4. Drop off an envelope containing the Pavilion Reservation Agreement, Indemnity and Hold Harmless Agreement and refundable deposit to Lindsay Smith between April 1st and April 15th.

    1. Lindsay’s address: 1 Foxwood Lane (place in black drop box on porch)

Lottery and Confirmation of Dates:

  1. The lottery will take place on April 16th.

  2. Residents will receive confirmation of their events by April 19th (in the event a resident was unable to secure the pavilion through the lottery, their check will be shredded unless you make arrangements to pick up).

  3. Additional requests to reserve the pavilion will be accepted on a first come, first served basis on May 1st, subject to availability.

  4. Drop off an envelope containing the Pavilion Reservation Agreement, Indemnity and Hold Harmless Agreement and refundable deposit to Lindsay Smith between April 1st and April 15th.


Tamarac Lakes Association (TLA) is hiring lifeguards for the summer of 2023. In addition to lifeguarding, our lifeguards will help check membership badges, maintain the quality of our beach, and enforce safety rules.

Qualifications required:

  • Current American Red Cross Lifeguard and First Aid Certification with add-on Waterfront Lifeguarding Module (waterfront certification expense will be reimbursed at the end of the beach season).

  • Must feel comfortable interacting with residents, enforcing beach rules, and working independently.

  • Availability during the last three weeks of summer (including Labor Day weekend) is a must.

To be considered for this position or if you have any questions, please email


Reminders & Announcements


Babysitter or Youth Services List

  • Is your child interested in being added to the list? Please email their name, date of birth, and phone number.

  • Is your child on the list and no longer wants to be included? Please email.

  • Would you like a copy of the Babysitter or Youth Services List?


Sponsors - Support Local Business!


Tidbit Guidelines

Tidbits is published monthly (with the exception of January) and delivered to all TLA Residents electronically.

Tidbits encourages any articles or information which may be of interest to your Tamarac neighbors, as are any suggestions concerning the Tidbits. We’d like to include family news like births, engagements, weddings or other happy news you’d like to share.

With a circulation of more than 500, resident and nonresident business owners may want to consider paid advertising. Please refer to our rate table published monthly below.


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